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   Josh Walker, of Ben Lomond, Arkansas, started in the cattle business in 1992 with the purchase of two commercial heifer calves. At the age of 14, he invested, his then life savings of weekly allowances, into two pairs at the Hoover Ranch Red Brangus dispersal. Suddenly, he found himself in the Red Brangus business. He continued selling calves and buying cows as he built his herd. 

  In 2016, Red Bud Farms purchased the Kiamichi Link Ranch Angus herd, diversifying their operation and incorporating premium genetics into their offerings. In addition, their Brangus herd was enhanced by their fusion with TRIO Cattle & Genetics. 

  Today, they are in the business of providing Angus, Brangus, and Ultrabrangus breeding stock to both registered and commercial producers. Make no mistake, they are in the cow/calf business first and foremost. At Red Bud Farms, cattle are expected to calve, breed back, and raise their calves every year, consistently, within their 60 day calving season.

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